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Melitta = honey-bee

Villa Melitta is a noble house built by George Hatzidakis. He used all his research into traditional architecture and put all his love into the house. In the middle of a 5000 sq.m fruit grove rises a small palace, reminding us of a Venetian villa.

Melitta is situated just outside of the village of Melidoni, in a quiet environment with a broad and beautiful view of the pure nature. The discreet stone wall surrounding the gardens and the cool shade of the house offer privacy so you can enjoy the swimming pool, feeling that time passes at your own pace.

The house has a tasteful interior and there are two verandas on the upper floor, offering you a choice of the view you prefer, completing the magic scene where you will find yourself if you choose Villa Melitta for your holidays on Crete.


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